​Remuneration & Appointments Committee


Independents Directors

  • Isidoro Lora-Tamayo Rodríguez (President)
  • Iñaki Goikoetxea González
  • Francisco Javier Bartolomé Delicado
  • Pedro Antonio Merino García
  • José Poveda Díaz

Propietary Directors

  • Rodolfo Martín Villa
  • Rafael de Mena Arenas
  • Enric Rovira Masachs
Secretary (non-member) Marisa García Camarero

Audit Committee


Independents Directors

  • Pedro Antonio Merino García (President)
  • Francisco Javier Bartolomé Delicado
  • Iñaki Goicoetxea González
  • Isidoro Lora-Tamayo Rodríguez
  • José Poveda Díaz

Propietary Directors

  • Lucía Calvo Vérgez
  • Antonio Massanell Lavilla
  • Francisca Ortega Hernández-Agero
Secretary (non-member) Marisa García Camarero

Support Committees

Management Committee 

Provides assistance to the Board of Directors with regard to the financial and operational management of the company, and in its budgetary and management reporting roles.


Risk Committee

Supervises and, where applicable, proposes solutions in order to respond to situations or actions which may give rise to excessive levels of risk, as well as taking on additional duties that the Board of Directors may entrust it with.


Investment Committee 

Values and proposes investment and divestment strategies and actions to the Board of Directors. Its role involves, amongst others, carrying out the analysis and evaluation of the restructuring policies of the participating banks and monitoring the suggestions proposed by the supervisory authorities and by the Monitoring Committee.


Assets & Liabilities Committee 

Advises the Board of Directors on any factor that could affect the companies’ balance sheet and, in particular, related to the equity, financing and liquidity structure. Studies and carries out an overall evaluation of the financial planning of the Company, evaluates the capital needs and the potential process of obtaining equity. Evaluates potential stress scenarios in relation to the capital structure and the proposal of suitable actions in order to resolve this.