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Manuel Gómez Gilabert and Oscar García Maceiras, Sareb’s new Managing Directors

The two newly created positions strengthen the company in addressing the entry of new servicers and incipient market reactivation.

García Maceiras to act as Secretary of the Board and Managing Director of Legal & Corporate Development. Former Finance Director Gómez Gilabert will be the Managing Director of Global Resources. Iker Beraza will be the new CFO


Sareb's Board of Directors today approved the appointments of Manuel Gómez Gilabert as Managing Director of Global Resources and Óscar García Maceiras as Managing Director of Legal & Corporate Development. Through the two newly created positions, Sareb's executive chairman, Jaime Echegoyen, seeks to empower the organization with greater cohesion and higher efficiency in order to make the most of budding market recovery and the new commercialisation structure via new portfolio servicers. Business areas will continue to report to the chairman's office under the new structure.

Gómez Gilabert, who until now held the position of Finance director, will take over the Risks, Corporate Resources and Strategy and Finance divisions within the new general department of Global Resources. Sareb's new chief financial officer will be Iker Beraza, who shall perform his new role in conjunction with heading up the company's Strategy department.

Óscar García Maceiras, current Secretary General and Secretary to the Board, has been named Sareb's managing director of Legal & Corporate Development. García Maceiras will combine this position with his duties as Secretary of the Board.

Jaime Echegoyen, Executive Chairman of Sareb, underscored the importance of "being backed by an organisational structure that is solid, yet flexible and simple at the same time, to thereby enable Sareb to continue to fulfil the objectives the company has set for itself". 

Over the course of its first two years of operation, the company achieved revenue totalling 8,800 million euros and paid up 5,500 million euros of the debt issued to acquire its assets.