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Sareb Shareholders

Sareb's mission is to divest its assets within a time frame of 15 years, whilst maximising their value

​​Sareb is a key element to the restructuring of the Spanish banking system. Its mandate is to sell the loan and real estate assets received in the set timeframe, aiming to obtain the highest value for them, and comply with returning its debt guaranteed by the Spanish State. Sareb must ensure its viability as a company in order to meet with the commitments made to its shareholders, investors and society as a whole.

Divestment process

Sareb works to improve the Spanish economy, in order to aid society as a whole

​Sareb is a private company dedicated to fulfill the mandate it has been entrusted with, thereby contributing to the restructuring of the banking sector and the Spanish economy. As part of this process it is key that its employees are professionally and ethically competent


Sareb's values comprise Integrity, Transparency and Civic Commitment

​​Integrity means that our actions and behaviour will be in line with the regulations and the ethical standards of Sareb's business culture.

Transparency implies that Sareb commits to being open with regard to its policies and procedures and is conscious of the fact that it acts under the watchful eye of society as a whole.

Civic commitment means that we carry out our work based on ethical standards and socially responsible criteria.

Supplier Policy

The aim of Sareb's suppliers policy is to minimise the overall cost of purchases following ethical and quality criteria

Sareb possesses a supplier policy, the aim of which is to minimise the overall cost of purchases by its teams and the contracting of services and materials.

This work is carried out following ethical and quality criteria, whilst at the same time fostering transparency, competitivity, rotation and non-discrimination.

This is why Sareb has decided to publicly detail its general purchasing process.  

Code of conduct

The code reflects the Sareb's corporate culture and Sareb's commintments

Sareb has a strict code of conduct for its employees and for all those involved in its activities. The code reflects the Sareb's corporate culture and particularly the commitments and standards by which the company's actions must be governed.

The ethical standards which inspire said code are based on the ten principles of human rights, employment, environment and anti-corruption regulations, as detailed in the United Nations Global Compact.